Dreamvision releases PHT-W4 subwoofer

Paris, France – February 3rd, 2016 — Dreamvision, a cutting-edge brand at the forefront of audio and video products for the residential and commercial markets, famous for its recently awarded UST25-4000HDi ultra-short throw projectors and B.E.S.T. Passive 3D solutions, extends its audio range with the Dreamvision PHT-W4 Subwoofer.

"Our recently released PHT-X Series speaker line has been very well received by customers and integrators and we are continuing to build a complete family of audio devices based on the same design and technical approach", said Jean-Claude Younes, founder-CEO of Dreamvision.

Dreamvision PHT-W4

"While we and our customers are very extremely happy with the performances of the PHT-X4, we realized that having a more compact subwoofer in our product portfolio would benefit certain applications" said marketing manager Frederic Valin. As a matter of fact, whereas the PHT-X4 is perfect for professional large venues and XL home cinemas, it is certainly a little bit over-sized and over-powered for tinier places.

"Not all our customers do have a large projection rooms. Think about customers with a UST25-4000HDi ultra-short throw or with a Dreamy Geek II, they do not need all the power of a PHT-X4. The new PHT-W4 is a quite clearly more clever option for these applications" continues Frederic Valin.

Dreamvision PHT-W4

The components from the PHT line have been modified to create a smaller, yet powerful, bass system comprised of two 8" active bass drivers. The DreamvisionPHT-W4 is indeed a compact subwoofer device (45x39x29 cm) that can be fitted into a piece of furniture, a sofa or along a wall. This will be the ideal companion of a TV, an ultra-short throw projector or a high-end PC.

The Dreamvision engineers have opted for a sealed box design this time, insofar as it offers high power handling, tight accurate response and extended low end output. The two active drivers of the Dreamvision PHT-W4 subwoofer are powered by a built-in power amplifier that can produce 200 watts RMS.
Dreamvision PHT-W4

The PHT-W4 is a key element when it comes to watching movies, action movies in particular. It indeed covers a bass frequency range of 30Hz - 200Hz (± 3dB) with an impressive sensitivity of 96dB. But since this subwoofer will be more than often installed in a living-room, Dreamvision has also tuned it for listening to music. The PHT-W4 will be particular accurate for pop, rock, country, classic and all kinds of music which need dynamism and precision in the bass, but not an overwhelming presence.

Dreamvision PHT-W4 Subwoofer

You can come and see the new Dreamvision PHT-W4 Subwoofer with two PHT-X1 speakers on booth C85, in hall 11 at the ISE Show in Amsterdam, NL  (9 - 12 February, 2016). Invitation code: 831750


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About Dreamvision:

Located in Paris and led by industry pioneer Jean Claude YOUNES, this visionary French firm had its beginnings way back in 1982, being the very first company to sell video projectors on the French Market.

Since its creation, back in 1996, at walking distance from the world-famous Montmartre hill in Paris, the Dreamvision brand has always been developing and refining the latest advancements in digital display technology in order to provide state-of-the-art video and audio products for Home Cinema and professional applications.

What sets Dreamvision apart is this unique blend of latest technologies with high quality materials, attention to detail and striking European design.

Today, Dreamvision is a highly respected, global brand with a worldwide distribution network.